Saturday, 3 March 2012

3 . Smoking Habit Among Youngsters

Question : A survey was conducted among young smokers in Town X. Study the findings of the survey and write an article to be published in a local daily. Your article should integrate all the in formation given below. You should write 150 to 200 words.

Smoking Habit among Youngsters in Town X

A survey on smoking habits among youngsters in Town X was conducted according to their age groups and gender. The finding portrays that the number of smokers increase as the age of youngster increase.

This survey shows that the smokers among the boys within age 10 to 12 is the lowest that is three people and increase to 13 people when reached the boys between ages 13 to 15. Meanwhile, on both of these groups show no girls are involved in smoking. However, the girls smokers started to appear at the age 16 to 18 with the number of smokers is six people, while the boys smokers keep increasing to 20 people within this ages. For the boys among the age of 19 to 21, there are an enormous numbers of smokers that is 40 with the girls increase to eight persons.

In conclusion, as the age increase, number of youngster smokers shows negative improvement. It also shows that majority of youngster smokers are the boys.

by : Humaira . Athirah . Muin .

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