Saturday, 25 February 2012

1 . Tobacco products should not be banned


Realize or not, almost 60% of man and 20% of woman in Malaysia are smoking. Most of us would say that tobacco product should be banned but, think once again. Do you realize that tobacco products has contribute to our national economy since 1991, improve the productivity of non-professional workers and act as pesticides to increase our country’ agriculture field as well?

Believe or not the Malaysia tobacco industry contributes substantially to the country’s economy with more than 190 000 people depending on it for employment in 2003, according to a study conducted by Ernst and Young in June 2005 for the Confederation of Malaysian Tobacco Manufacturers. This portrays that Malaysia Tobacco Industry is one of the factor that contribute for the development of our country. Furthermore, studies show that tobacco industry holds the highest taxes rate in trading. Moreover, as said before, there are many farmers that are involved in production of tobacco. So, the farmer s indirectly may increase the income of our country as they need to pay taxes depends on their works as loyal citizen. Just imagine, if the tobacco products are being banned, what will happen to these farmers to continue their life? They will become jobless and this will lowered the image of our country. Therefore, why do we need to ban these tobacco products? Isn’t it a waste if we do not use this chance it increase our country’s economy?

Do not judge a book by its cover. Same goes to tobacco product. All think that tobacco product is bad for health but not all people who do not smoking realized that tobacco product improve the productivity of non-professional worker such as lorry driver, farmer, labor and etc. If you are the one who is smoking , then you will feel that tobacco product had improve your work productivity from various aspects for example work duration, quality of work, and focus towards the task.”If I did not smoke before start my work, I will be sleepy easily,” said a lorry driver. From that conversation, the tobacco product had played a large, important role to the lorry driver as we know that he needs to drive for a long distance in anytime neither in the morning or night. So, by smoking the driver could prevent himself from being sleepy during driving. Thus, accident on the road that causes by sleepiness of the drivers could be decrease by smoking.

One of the facts that people does not know is tobacco itself has advantages especially in agriculture. Tobacco produces protein which is comparable in nutritive value to soybean protein. This characteristic is very beneficial for the development of plants in the best condition. Besides, tobacco can act as pesticides to resist harmful pest that are dangerous for the plants such as flee, . Indirectly, these may increase the production of the crops, thus contribute to the country economy as our country will not be too dependent on the other country in getting supplier of plants that are sources of food. So, the balance expenditure that is being cut off from the import of plants may be used for other development such as education, technology and so on in order to reach our mission of Wawasan 2020 in this globalization era. Without realizing it, tobacco industry does play quite significant role especially in agriculture that may lead to other increments of other industries.

In a nutshell, without any hesitation, it is absolutely no need to ban the tobacco product. Or else, do you want our country‘s economy to be down? Or do you want the farmer to loss their job? Think about that, and you will definitely agree that tobacco product should not be banned.

Friday, 24 February 2012

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

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