Friday, 29 June 2012

You Are The Best !

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

First and foremost, I just read a book by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin entitled 7 Formula of Excellent Individuals.

So, for this entry I would like to share the FIRST formula of excellent individuals that is REALISING THAT YOU ARE THE BEST !

As we know, Muslim are the best ummah (nation) created by Allah. Allah says in the chapter Ali Imran verse 110, "You are the best ummah that has ever been raised up for the good of mankind because you enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. You believe in Allah with real belief."

According to Imam Qatadah, Caliph Umar al-Khattab once said, "Whoever likes to be included in the best ummah, then fulfil God's requirements as mention in this verse."

Now, I want to share a story that might open your eyes and heart to realise that you are the best. Not even other person.

This story about The Lost Diamond. But I think most of us really know this story. Anyway, enjoy it for the first, second or third times ^^.


Long time ago, not far from the Indus River, lived a man named Ali Hafiz and his family. He had a farm and a big orchard. Thus, he might be regarded as a rich person. Every night, he expressed his gratefulness to Allah, and every night, he slept soundly. One day, a man who studied many stories of the past came to visit him. He told Ali Hafiz about how diamonds were made and said, "When you have a diamond the size of a thumb, you can buy a country, and when you have a diamond mine, you can control the world."

Since that day, Ali Hafiz could not sleep soundly, and since then, he forgot to be grateful to Allah. He spent most of his days and nights to think about how to acquire those diamonds. Finally, he decided to sell all of his assets and travel to look for a diamond mine.
So, Ali Hafiz bid farewell to his family and began his quest. He travelled to Palestine, Europe and finally arrived in the Gulf of Barcelona, in a state of destitution. However, he still could not found 'his diamonds'. He was really frustrated and finally, he threw himself into the sea.

With regard to the farm and orchard that he had sold ; one day, the new owner was walking in the orchard. He then stopped at the edge of a river . He felt strange because the sands in the river were sparkling. He scooped the sands and showed it to the man who had studied many stories of the past. The man was stunned because the sand contains precious diamonds and indeed, those were the type of diamonds that were sought by Ali Hafiz.
Yes, Ali Hafiz wasted his money, time and energy for searching the diamonds whereas he already owned it ! 
The discovery resulted in the conversion of the orchard into a large diamond mine. Today it is known as the Golcanda Mine.

*The end of this story.*


The lessons from this story are :

  • Many Muslims today are like Ali Hafiz. We do not realize that ISLAM is a 'diamond mine' that stands above all other teaching and religions. We seek the glory through foreign cultures and philosophies. We adore the 'deviant philosophies' that contravene to Islam, and feel proud of them. Finally, we are humiliated and obliterated. When it is already too late, then only do we realize that the greatness, pride, excellence and happiness that we have been searching for all this while was actually right in front of our very eyes. That diamond, in this case, is our own religion ISLAM.

So, this is the end of the Ali Hafiz life. We ? No bodies ever know. Only He, Allah knows everything and anything about us. Let's we improve ourselves, our Faith (Iman) and our piety (taqwa) and at the end of the day, inshaAllah we could get the best of our ended (read : husnul khatimah). We never know, but we try the best and let He do the rest. One more thing, do not ever placed the world or materials in our heart enough it is just put in our hands.

Yes, as a Muslim we should not forget that the most precious diamonds are in our garden, the garden of Islam. We hope these diamonds in the form of Islamic teachings will make us glitter all over the world. Hopefully, we will not make the same mistake as Ali Hafiz did.

Wallahu'alam :)

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